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Why do you need antioxidant?

Free radicals lurk everywhere in our environment and within our body. Every second when our body converts food into energy, it generates a by-product called free radicals. While the body produces antioxidants to counter the oxidative damage of free radicals, an excessive amount of free radicals in the long term can lead to health issues such as premature ageing and circulatory problems. Your body needs antioxidants to defend against free radical damage so it can maintain optimal health.


Healthy Circulatory System
&bull Support strong, supple and flexible blood vessels for healthy blood circulation.


Venous Circulation in the Legs
&bull Enhance vascular strength and circulatory efficiency.
&bull Relieve poor venous flow symptoms such as leg cramp, swelling, numbness, varicose veins and edema.


Heart Health
&bull Strengthen arteries and veins to support cardiovascular circulation.


Healthy Blood Lipid Levels
&bull Support healthy blood lipid levels and reduce cholesterol build-up in the arteries.


Healthy Blood Pressure
&bull Maintain flexible blood vessels to promote healthy circulation and blood pressure.


Men&rsquos Health
&bull Enhance blood flow that is essential for healthy erectile function.


Good Eye Health
&bull Strengthen blood vessels and microcirculation in the eyes
&bull Support night vision and visual acuity.


Good Skin Health
&bull Preserve the skin&rsquos collagen and elastin structure to protect against premature ageing.
&bull An enhanced microcirculation improves skin complexion and metabolism.


Joint Health
&bull Strengthen collagen and elastin in cartilage and tendon.
&bull Reduce joint inflammation.


Immune Health
&bull Strengthen immune system and relieve symptoms of allergies due to poor immunity.


Respiratory Health
&bull Protect airways from free radical damage and reduce inflammation.


Energy and Vitality
&bull Potent antioxidant activity to protect body cells from free radical damage and support energy production.



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